Install Gnumeric (and other linux apps) on mac OS/X

Gnumeric is the best spreadsheet application on the market.  LibreOffice and OpenOffice break every time I try to do something as simple as a vlookup, and Excel lacks the heavy statistical analysis tools of gnumeric (plus you have to pay for it).  Don’t take my word for it: check out the editor and user reviews on CNET.  Unfortunately, it’s not available as a Mac distribution (only Windows and Linux).

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Think like a hedge fund manager

I’ve been on an investing book kick lately, and I recently read Joel Greenblatt’s classic (from the 90s), You Can Be A Stock Market Genius.  Michael Lewis mentioned the book more than once in The Big Short, indicating that it was the manual for the handful of financial whizzes who predicted the near-collapse of capitalism in 2008.

I found the book inspiring, and a little dangerous.  The key takeaways were:

  1. Pay attention to spinoffs: they might make you rich
  2. Follow the incentives.  If insiders are getting a piece of the action, you’ll want to be there.
  3. When institutional investors exit, prepare your entrance (sometimes)

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Data trading for value investors

For all the badgering that the Chicago School has taken in the months following the market collapse, the efficient market theorists got one thing right: markets react fast to new information. There’s a lovely scene in “Fun with Dick and Jane” that illustrates this perfectly:

The markets really do react this quickly! I remember an exercise in business school where we watched a CNBC reporter revealing new information about a company while, next to her, a stock chart tracked the company’s stock price in real time. She was the first anchor with positive information, and by the end of her five-minute report, the stock had climbed more than 10%.

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Risk: an unconventional approach

The comedian Robert “Bobcat” Goldthwaite had a routine about bad ideas, like the day someone decided to cook with an open flame on the Hindenburg.  Or, in all seriousness, someone decided that it was a good idea to board an airship attached to a giant ball of flammable gas.  What drives humans to make such stupid mistakes?  Economists think it has something to do with commonly held misconceptions about risk or, as Bobcat might put it, mass brain-damage.

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Why do wages rise in a recession?

This morning, Rutgers University released its Labor Scorecard, which confirmed the high unemployment figures published by the Labor Department earlier this week.  Someone in the PR department at Rutgers caught this report on its way out the door and added a little spice to the press release, noting that “though unemployment has risen in 2009 to its highest rate in 26 years, all is not gloom and doom for America’s workers on Labor Day…average inflation-adjusted earnings have actually increased for those still collecting paychecks.”

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Top 14 Financial Resources on the web

Special thanks to Andrew, and to our Economics Editor for their contributions.

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