Investment advice from a blowhard

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People sometimes make the mistake of asking me for investment advice.  They quickly realize their mistake when they receive a blast from Captain Achilles Von Humboldt Blowhard, but by then it’s too late.  Maybe by putting it on the internet (where the whole world can see it!), I won’t be so tempted to impart my wisdom at the next cocktail party. Continue reading

How is a stock like an equity bond?

Warren Buffett described his philosophy of viewing stocks as ‘equity bonds’ in a 1977 Forbes magazine article and subsequently in a speech at Columbia Business School.  In her book, Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements, Mary Buffett attributes the concept to Buffett, which is interesting considering that the title of her book is a nod to an earlier work by the true father of that philosophy.

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Fiction: Ten Fifty on Rodeo

The boys looked up from behind the bush when the cruiser rounded the corner onto Rodeo Drive. Manuel and Chico froze while Chad lazily turned his shoulder towards the brick wall, grabbing the pipe out of Chico’s hand in a single, steady movement. He held it a moment as the officers, a man and a woman, gazed at him. Chad smiled at them and jerked his chin up subversively, with military precision.

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Fiction: Eppur Si Mouve

In the days before they were a couple, but after they were an item, Thomas and Hannah spent their Saturday evenings on Capitol Hill in the apartments of the same young policy wonks with whom Hannah spent her workdays. The idea that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people isn’t true. Hollywood has been getting uglier every year since the 1940s, and Hannah’s Washingtonians were all beautiful. Some of them were even moderately successful, though many of them lived indifferently in mildewed basements surrounded by old books. All of them were painfully clever and without ambition.

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Proxy surf on a mac for free

There are many uses for this, but the one I’m most familiar with is the need to watch the BBC and ITV from outside the UK. The BBC derives a significant portion of its operating budget from a tax on all british households with a TV (I think it’s something like 11 pounds per month). The British would be bloody well narked if us non-paying colonists could just nip into their website and watch the Beeb whenever we wanted. At the same time, if the BBC put up any sort of serious security on their site (such as a registration wall that asked you to prove you paid the tax), the British people would probably burn down their building. So the BBC digital media team long ago settled on the idea of waving through anyone coming in through a UK server, and keeping out everyone else. It’s a pretty good system: no one has burned down the building yet, and it keeps the foreign wankers out…mostly.

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Install Gnumeric (and other linux apps) on mac OS/X

Gnumeric is the best spreadsheet application on the market.  LibreOffice and OpenOffice break every time I try to do something as simple as a vlookup, and Excel lacks the heavy statistical analysis tools of gnumeric (plus you have to pay for it).  Don’t take my word for it: check out the editor and user reviews on CNET.  Unfortunately, it’s not available as a Mac distribution (only Windows and Linux).

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